How Pest Control Companies Can Generate Leads through Online Advertising

In this new era of online advertising and marketing that we have entered in 2021, there are new opportunities for field service companies like pest control to take advantage of.

Through this blog, we are discussing how to focus on paid advertising and social media promotion for your pest control business growth.

So, how do these digital marketing strategies work and how can they help your pest control company? Keep reading to learn more!


Utilizing Social Media for Pest Control Companies

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The first opportunity that has moved into the forefront of digital advertising is the social media boom.

About 71% of people constantly use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels to find local businesses, engage with them and ask for recommendations from friends and followers, it is important for your pest control businesses to maintain a steady presence on your pages.

Even for exterminators, there is a lot of value to having Facebook, Pinterest, or other social media profiles promoting your pest control services. Because not only does social media networking offer another chance to get out in front of potential customers,  it is where most people spend their two to three hours these days. Engaging with customers through popular social media platforms can easily help you in expanding your business presence and allows you to better connect with those who're using the Internet to find a credible & trusted pest control technician who does offer quality work in a timely manner. Pest controllers who are actively engaging with followers show that they care, thus improving trust and possibly driving more word-of-mouth referrals.

Therefore, it is important to not only have an account but use it to its full advantage and invest in social media marketing services so that local customers looking for pest control technicians in their area can easily find the information they need in a relatable manner. You can curate your content to speak to this targeted audience in ways that appeal to their buying sensibilities.

Why Pest Control Businesses Need Paid Ads

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Secondly, One of the most successful ways to get pest control leads is through online advertising. Online ads are also often the most cost-effective form of advertising in the year 2022. Whether you’re running search engine ads or display ads, you can set your ad to only show up for the most relevant keywords/search queries and audience members and only pay a small cost per click.  The advent of PPC advertising becomes an affordable yet controllable way to generate instant web traffic, leads, and sales from local customers in your area. 75% of people say display ads make it easier to find the information they search for on a website or Google. Pest control companies can make an average of $2 in income for every $1 spent on Paid ads.

However, pest control is the fastest-growing industry both globally and in the US. PPC advertising services can optimize your paid ads to create copy that converts. PPC marketers will create and implement a cost-efficient campaign to grow your business and meet your goals.

A well-managed PPC ad can give your marketing campaigns an instant boost. A big advantage of Paid marketing is that it does not rely on search rankings and gets quicker results than search engine optimization. PPC services can boost your website traffic by up to 75% or more and it can improve your overall web presence.


As a pest control company, you need to make sure your company is found online by local customers. Paid ads and social media advertising for pest control can be a successful way to draw attention from new customers, converting them into qualified business leads.

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