5 Essential Customer Retention Strategies In the Pest Industry

Without customers, there's no business. While finding new customers is important, it's just as important to keep the ones you have. When a customer is unhappy with your company, they will not only take their business elsewhere, but they may also tell everyone about their bad experience. This kind of bad publicity can be difficult to recover from.

Did you know that acquiring new customers in the business costs 5x times more than retaining an existing customer? Therefore, an enduring customer retention strategy is at the core of every successful pest control company in the USA. Customer retention is your ability as a business to nurture a customer's lifetime value. We built Dream Service to help users maximize the profitability of every job. In this blog, we will go over five ways that you can use to better win and retain your customers in the pest industry:

Use Pest Control Management Software

You'll need a lot of customer information to keep them happy, and the best way to have access to that data is through the best CRM software for pest control businesses. This software can be used for everything from managing your employees' schedules and keeping track of inventory to tracking sales and marketing campaigns.

Not only does this software make it easier for you to enter customer data (such as their name, address, phone number, and email), but it also allows you to collect other relevant information such as:

  • The type of pests they're having trouble with (ants vs termites vs roaches)
  • Whether or not they've had an infestation before
  • If they are planning on selling their home soon

Go Mobile

If you're going to invest in a mobile app, be sure it's the right one for your business. Apps are expensive and time-consuming to develop, so make sure you have a clear idea of what functionality your customers need and how they'll use the app.

Mobile App for Pest Control

Think about how you want guests to interact with your company via mobile device: scheduling appointments, accessing information about services or products, and making payments. These are all things that could be part of an effective mobile strategy.

Offer Multiple Services

According to a recent survey, customers are more likely to switch companies if they can't find the information they need or if they don't feel that their requests and questions are being addressed. You can increase customer retention by offering multiple services so you're prepared for any pest situation your customers may experience. Offer several payment options, including cash and credit cards, so you'll always be able to get paid—no matter what happens. And make sure you provide your customers with several communication channels like email and phone calls when it comes time to talk about their service needs. These simple strategies will allow people who have questions or concerns after receiving their first service from you to easily reach out without having trouble connecting with someone at the company again!

Communicate With Your Customers

The easiest way to communicate with customers in whatever you’re already doing like direct calling, email marketing, or more?

If you own a pest control business, there are probably a few ways that come naturally to your team:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Chatbots/phone calls/texts

If you have a customer retention strategy in place, this will be part of it. The key is knowing who is responding best to what type of communication and acting accordingly. For example, if someone texts in asking for an estimate on treating their house for termites, they probably don't want a long phone call from one of your salespeople. But if they submitted their contact information via web form or via SMS (texting), then maybe calling them back seems like the best course of action!

Follow-Up After Treatments

As you're on your way out, make sure to ask if they'd like to set up a follow-up appointment. This is an important step in the customer retention process because it allows you to ensure that your treatment was effective and meets their expectations. It's also a great opportunity for further business development by asking the customer how they would refer you or leave a review. You can even provide them with quick tips on how to prevent pests from returning or what steps they can take if they do experience another infestation.

Follow-Up After Pest Treatments

If the customer has invited family members into their home for treatment, this is another chance for follow-up as well—you'll want them all out of their homes before performing any services!

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Make It Easier for your Customers to Stay with you

Your customers will stay with you if they have an easy time contacting you, paying you, scheduling appointments, and getting updates. You need to make these processes simple and straightforward for them. For example:

  • Make it easy for customers to contact you. Let them know how they can contact you directly by phone or email so they don't have to go through a third party. If possible, provide a live chat feature on your website so customers can get help immediately when they need it most.
  • Make it easy for customers to pay online or over the phone so that payment doesn't become a hassle for them (and remember: no one likes paying bills).
  • Make it easy for customers to schedule appointments online or over the phone so that scheduling hasn't become an obstacle in their journey towards solving pest problems at home or on-site work sites where possible solutions must be implemented quickly before more damage happens.

Our software for pest control, HVAC, and plumbing software helps you manage your team and inventory to ensure that you meet your customers’ needs. Contact Dream Service team for details.