4 Ways to Win Repeat Customers with CRM Solution

A repeating customer in a business is like a gift that keeps on giving. You anticipate closing a deal with them for weeks or maybe even one or two months, and then finally they choose to work with you.

Then, it turns out that they are satisfied with your services or products that they continue to buy from your company and become a repeat customer. This means you can count on them to come back, make future purchases, and maybe even refer your business to other customers.

Repeat customers are a dream for every small business owner. So, the question is, how do you get more of them by using a CRM solution?

While many custom retention strategies can help you drive repeat customers to your business, one among them stands out using an industry-specific CRM like Dream Service pest control management software.

Advantages of CRM

  • Making your field service sales process more efficient
  • Streamline your lead management process
  • Getting data-driven results about your customer base
  • Providing a better customer support
  • Increasing your pest control or HVAC business productivity while saving time and money.

Let's look at how owners can use this method to get more repeat business.

  1. Impress your customers with outstanding support

Timely customer support is an important part of retaining repeat business. Especially when you consider that one bad experience stops 80% of customers from buying your products or services ever again.

Repeat Customer Marketing Must Be Part Of Your Mix

For instance, Pest control businesses can use a CRM that can help them manage and serve their customers better.

One way it does this is by offering your customers 24/7 self-serve convenience through online portals. Within a click of a button, your customers can use online platforms to:

  • Complete online payments
  • Update their contact information like mobile number
  • View support requests
  • Look at past transactions

After, this facility is a great way to improve your customer service as they give your customers the freedom and flexibility to do business with you on their terms.

  1. Invite Customers Back

Don't leave your business growth to risk! Make sure you invite old customers to work with you again.

One easy way to do this is through marketing automation. In our pest control CRM software, you can mark your customers who you want to send emails about your other product offerings.

Experts at Dream Service can help you set up the emails so that your whole field service business grows like clockwork! With our features, you can rest assured that you're making the most out of your book of business.

  1. Use Lead Scoring and Qualification

If you want more loyal customers or clients, you need to make this a priority in your customer acquisition strategy. This means having your sales and marketing teams think about whether the leads they generate are a good fit for your product or service.

How to use your website to generat leads

To make this process easier, you will want to go back to basics and refer to your ideal customer profile. After your agreement on ICP, it's time for your sales team to filter these criteria to find and pursue the leads that are most likely to become repeat customers and for this, a CRM will come in handy.

  • Leverage data on the habits of repeat customers
  • Keep an updated record of incoming leads and organize them
  • Qualify or disqualify leads based on a certain factors
  • Use lead scoring to prioritize the most promising prospects
  1. Provide All-Start Service

A 5-star experience and satisfying field services is key to winning repeat customers in your business!

Ask your customers for their feedback after each work order. If the customer had a bad experience, do your genuine best to understand why and fix the problem that caused the negative experience.

This gives you a genuine review about any customer that is needed to build a repeatable path to growth. Additionally, if you invite folks to leave online reviews on the website when they're happy, it gives you a great reputation as well!

5 Star Service vs. 4 Star Service – What's the Difference?

With a CRM's capabilities, feedback can be organized by the client, so that nothing is missed. Our pest control CRM also allows feedback communication to happen more efficiently.

If you're ready to work with a team of tech professionals who understand your field service business and give you the expertise you need to fulfill your goals in 2022 and beyond, give us a call at +1 210-695-0795