Top 5 Benefits of Using Dream Service As your Pest Control CRM Software

Pest control professionals that are looking for an edge in the company need to ensure they provide superior service every step of the way- from acquiring new leads to scheduling customers' appointments, managing the routes of their technicians, documenting work performed, and seamlessly invoicing and engaging with their customers.

In addition to having the certifications, licenses, pest control equipment and trained field service professionals, one of the important aspects of running a pest control company is having the pest management software- which can be used to manage every aspect of day-to-day operations. Gone are the days when pest control service providers had to use lots of spreadsheets, documents, paper, outdated or complex software applications to streamline their business.

Today's article from Dream Service describes the pros of having a pest control CRM software and its key features. We have provided the best pest control software for small businesses for 10+ years.

Routing and Dispatching

Pest Control Route Planning & Scheduling Software

Dispatching is not too time-consuming now, pest control businesses relied mostly on lots of paperwork when creating daily pest routes for their clients.  Thanks to modern and secured pest control management software like Dream Service, it is easy to manage and prioritize extremely complex schedules.

For example, the Dream Service route feature helps managers create optimal appointment work orders for their pest control technicians. This includes features like GPS tracking, real-time notifications, interactive mapping routes, and travel time estimates.

Sales CRM

A reliable pest control business software offers a complete view of every customer, from the time they are first identified as a lead, to the date they agreed for service and every service appointment and touchpoint after that.

The Sales CRM feature of the pest control software application contains important information about each customer. This includes contact information, and billing details, along with a complete history of their appointments and purchases. 

Pest control managers and professionals are now able to quickly and easily access and edit customers' information either on a desktop, mobile phone or iPad.

However, it's crucial to offer customers an online customer portal to manage accounts and the services they took from the company.

Jobs Scheduling

Although scheduling pest control operations is simple, it may quickly become one of the most difficult components of running a successful pest management company. From establishing initial work orders to scheduling and confirming service appointments, the best software assures a smooth procedure. On the other side, using the wrong software can result in costly delays and even mistakes when it comes to scheduling.

Billing & Invoicing

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Payment on time is a very important aspect of running a successful pest control business. Simple billing and payment collection, including mobile credit card processing, are made possible with the appropriate pest control CRM software. In the application, technicians should be able to track any expenses.

Job Reporting

Completing pest management or termite inspection job no longer means just handling a customer an invoice. The best field-service companies thoroughly document their work processes, in order to maintain superior levels of service and ensure they meet the proper pest or termite treatment standards.

In addition, top industry professionals believe that customer satisfaction depends on knowing exactly what was done, why the job was performed and any extra recommendations for future improvements or follow-on service. Dream service software allows pest technicians to share feedback forms and invoices, photos, videos, and written notes from each visit with their residential or commercial clients.

Where Can You Get a Pest Control CRM Software?

Dream Service provides CRM software applications with features like Virtual Route  Management, Pricing Automation, Form Builder, Paperless Agreement, Dispatching, Lead management, etc. This software is designed specifically for pest control companies. Our founder- Nitesh Jain has worked in the pest control industry for years and built our customer relationship management software to cater to your pest control business management needs. With Dream Service, you’ll discover how much more efficiently your business operates and get success in the industry. Contact us today to get a demo; know how what Dream Service can do for your pest control or termite business.